Banson Chong



About Banson Chong

Banson Chong is an experienced Economist who grew up in Hong Kong. He gets his Bachelor degree in Economics and Finance and Master degree in Economics from one of the top Universities in the world, i.e. the University of Hong Kong.

Before getting into the real estate industry, Banson worked as a Hong Kong Government Economist for years and was the Government spokesperson for several key statistics. In 2015, Banson joins James Law Realty Limited as Head of Research and General Manager of the Albany foundation branch. Over the years Banson has built up a wide connection in New Zealand and Overseas and indeed a huge customer database. Banson’s proven ability, skills and experience in selling real estate properties has gained renowned reputation and supports from the previous vendors and buyers. His attention to details, frankness, business ethics and hardworking make him a shining star in the real estate industry.