Stephen Tan

Senior Broker


About Stephen Tan

Stephen was born in British Borneo (currently part of Malaysia) and attended an elite school in Malaysia, which alumni includes a number of C-suite personnel. For example and coincidentally, Stephen's classmate, then another friend, were Chairman of Shell Oil, East Asia.

After pursuing a joint major in Economics and Psychology in Canada, Stephen was involved in a diverse range of career before finding his passion in real estate. He was the senior manager in a timber company, involved in truck dealership for Mercedes and is a well-established writer.

Throughout his 15 years in the New Zealand Real Estate industry, Stephen has been through the ups and downs of the real estate industry and is actively adapting to the ever-changing market. His integrity, professionalism and humility has helped him to generate respect and strike numerous deals throughout his real estate career. He has received numerous awards and his success is highly regarded in the industry.

Coming on board on 2016, Stephen sees James Law Realty as the best real estate company in New Zealand for its superior foresight and vision. The management has great ethics, professionalism and generosity. The company’s strong emphasis on technological advancement, IT superiority and international media has resulted in high efficiency and notable success. He is also strongly attracted to the immensely positive, enthusiastic and team-work oriented culture of the company.

As an avid traveller, Stephen visited 26 countries, read almost 1,000 books in 50 years and authored 5 books. His burning passion for humanitarian work and poverty eradication has prompted him to write his latest masterpiece. This comprehensive 100-chapter moral and motivational guide for youth has been published around the world and translated into more than 10 languages. Stephen strongly believes that youth are the future of humanity. He gifted 900 copies of the book to prisoners, youth establishments, schools and library.

During his leisure times, Stephen enjoys playing musical instruments such as piano and guitar.