Why James Law?

Looking to sell or buy property in New Zealand?

Whether you're from Australia, Thailand, Korea, China, the Philippines or anywhere else in the Asia-Pacific region, you'll want to consult the professionals of James Law Realty.

The Number 1 Law in Real Estate -- James Law

James Law Realty is more than just a company name. The soul of James Law Realty represents the principles of more than 50 extraordinary real estate professionals who have joined together in the shared purpose of giving their customers the highest quality service in both residential and commercial real estate. Whether you are buying, selling or developing properties, you'll want to talk to the James Law professionals who are some of the most progressive, innovative, educated and successful brokers in Auckland, New Zealand, Australia and the greater Asia-Pacific area. The unique talents of James Law professionals combine to create powerful solutions to nearly every property issue you may have, including leasing and rentals, property valuation, business brokerage, property development, property management or even simple purchase and sale agreements. We are so far ahead of other real estate professionals that we can actually fax or email you a written offer or an agreement right from the property, right from our cars BEFORE anyone else can. All James Law real estate professionals are issued a fax, printer, GPS and email to use right in their automobiles, to serve you immediately, when buying and selling may hang in the balance, and an instant communication may be necessary to close the deal.

Every James Law broker combines technology with knowledge and experience, creating unique and exciting opportunities in any real estate venture you may have in your sights.

Since many of James Law's professionals have backgrounds in all aspects of real estate, the company can find creative solutions to even the most unique or difficult situations, no matter where you are in the world. In addition to residential home sales as well as commercial sales, James Law professionals have experience in business brokerage, off-the-plan sales and buying or selling across continents.

Whether you're from New Zealand, Australia, Thailand, Korea, China, Japan or even the USA, James Law Realty professionals are on top of every New Zealand opportunity every day, 24/7.

For extraordinary attention and service, call the real estate experts at James Law Realty today.

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Welcome to James Law Realty and your little corner of the world.